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Clothes, costumes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, skins, shapes, hair, AO's. Freebie Galaxy. Check the price before you buy. Zero Store.

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Lathe of Eber. Thousands of free textures, pre-screened to remove junk and sorted categorically. Freebie Dungeon. Sight Unseen. Based on The Borrowers books. Everything is oversized to provide a sense of being a 6" person in a huge world. Monthly shopping event catering primarily to role—players.

Fantasy, Medieval, sci—fi, post—apoc, Gor. Clothing, mesh, weapons, furniture. An excellent place to discover stores that focus on quality. Welcome Center : Introduction to the world of fae. Market : Books, wings, jewelry, clothing. Betwixt : Much to explore. A great place for role play. The Secret World. Vaengi Wings. Beautiful wings. Reasonably priced. Every style comes in a set of at least eight colors. Tanelorn Manor.

Other Freebie Info

United InshCon. Large fantasy marketplace. Medieval, petite , fairy, gypsy, Gothic, houses, textures, full perm sound, horses,. Caverna Obscura. Skins, furniture, trees.

Free Minikin avatar. Fantasy clothing, belly dance costumes, gypsy dresses.

A small selection of petite outfits. Petite Kingdom. Official marketplace for petites. Visit the Musa store for makeup, poses, accessories, and yard sale. Large section for petites. Petite clothing, eyes, accessories, add-ons. Fallen Gods and Libertine. Fantasy skins, shapes, eyes, outfits, tattoos, petites.

Libertine Furniture. Complete petite avatars. Faeline Fairy. Feyline Fashions.

The jacket and dress are sized for both classic and mesh avatars

Cole's Corner at Project Twilight marketplace. Skins, eyes, ears, wings, horns, tattoos, masks. Clothing, accessories, makeup. Particle FX some for petite.


Neighbor shops have goth, anime, anims, hair, armor, jewelry, shoes. Petite Bare Rose. Bare Rose is huge. Ankle Biter. Mystic Petites. Enchanted Fantasy. Petite Stuff True North Designs. Meadow's Whimsy.

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Located at Mountain Rose. Fairy breeders, wings for petites , fantasy artwork, furniture. Cerridwen's Cauldron. Unique and creative fantasy plants, avatars, and buildings. Several of the buildings come with a version sized for petites. Sa'ng Fori Design. Al Vulo. Dragon Magick Wares. Quite a few homes for petites. BlakOpal Designs. The Looking Glass. Fantasy marketplace in a roleplay environment. Dancing, Tai Chi, art. Grim Bros. Suki's Silken Fashions. Rag Dollz. SL Mkt only.


Victorian, Steampunk, costumes. Predominately women but many selections for men. Small selection for petites. Severed Garden. Selection for petites. Grendel's Children. Non—human avatars. Animals, dragons, demons, pets, tinies, freebies. Avatar Bizarre. Gothic, historic, vintage, casual, baroque, Victorian, Edwardian. RVi Design. Contemporary, medieval, ancient fiction worlds. Dark Artistry.